Monday, August 10, 2009

Manic Monday #11

When did Starbucks start hiring fetuses to be baristas?  The girl that made my Iced Venti Quad Nonfat Latte could not have been more than 13 years old.  What makes me think that?  The braces with multi-colored rubber bands and her commanding use of the word "Um..."

Yes, I was limping at work today.  And I wish I had a better story to accompany it like "I was kicking a mugger who was trying to steal and old lady's purse" or "A giant anteater stepped on it while I was traversing South America" because both of those are better than "I screwed it up carrying a table during my family party".

As we found out at work today a calculator doesn't do much go when the number five stops working.

I was sitting at my desk today and I kept thinking of all these interesting things that would happen and how they would make good entries for Manic Monday.  And while I usually makes notes of them as they occur I was too busy to do so today.  Serves me right I guess, because I can't think of one interesting thing that happened...

~ The Office Scribe

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shopgirl101 said...

When did fetuses start working EVERYWHERE! I think this means I'm officially getting old.