Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Do I Work?

It's a question that anyone who has a job asks themselves from time to time. We feel the need to justify the long hours, hectic conditions, sub-par wages, stress, anxiety, and other less than favorable situations.

But then something happens and you suddenly realize what makes work worth doing...

Like picture perfect spring days at the ballpark with your friends and a giant frozen margarita in a novelty collectors cup.

Happy Spring everyone!

~ The Office Scribe


Momma Fargo said...


bluzdude said...

Not much better than being at an early spring baseball game!

Unfortunately, all I have to fall back on is the freakin' Orioles.

Ed said...

Looks like fun!

Go Sox!

Pat said...

That would be perfect except if it said "Cubbies" on it! LOL!