Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well That Sucks

Dear Readers,

Did you happen to catch my post yesterday where I was a happy little ray of sunshine talking about karma and good deeds?

Yesh, well screw that.

Today was a terrible horrible no good very bad day at work.

The kind where 2 hours in you want to run screaming from your cubicle because it just sucks.

My god, if tomorrow isn't better one of you fools is going to have to come and save me from doing something crazy - like quitting the job I generally love which provides me with paychecks on a regular basis.


I guess everyone is entitled to one craptastic day but dear god.

~ The Office Scribe


Erika said...

Bummer, hope tomorrow is better!

therese kay said...

work and life are not for sissies! hang in there.

Daffy said...

Must've been something in the air.

Maybe a trip to St. Louis in April would do you well. Lots of laughter? Good company...drinks....just an idea...

The Office Scribe said...

Warning - my day was not better.

expect a ranty post coming soon.

And Daffy, i can't make it. Make the boys choose another date and we'll talk!