Friday, March 5, 2010

Well Stick Me In A Bowl And Call Me Flounder

For many years it has been said that a goldfish has a memory of about 3 seconds. I guess that means I am a descendant of Atlantis because I have the world's worst short term memory.  My mother used to commonly ask me to do something and before she even left the room I had forgotten what she had asked me to do.  Well, as you can imagine, this didn't make my mom too happy.  So, in order to avoid the unnecessary fights with my mom, I took took to writing stuff down.

I write everything down.  
* Grocery lists.
* What to bring to a friends house.
* Possible band names (Note: I don't play an instrument).
* Ideas for blog posts.
* Yo Mama jokes
* When to pay my bills
* People who make me mad

And so the lists go on and on.

Since I am such a fun loving list lady, I always have paper, notebooks, Post-Its, etc around on which to jot my thoughts.

Except for Tuesday.  A co-worker asked if I was going to run an Oscar pool again this year.  Oh yeah, I said, I just forgot to send the e-mail out.  Since we were in a presentation where I didn't have to take notes, I didn't have a notebook on which to write a reminder.  So I harkened back to my elementary high school college days and wrote the word OSCAR on my hand.

Like I said, that was Tuesday.  Since then I have taken 3 showers, a bath, and washed my hands more times than I can count.  And wouldn't you know it, I can still make out the word.  It's not like I used a Sharpie or anything.  It was a cheap Bic pen.  You know, the kind that can barely write on paper.

Normally I would be worried that my coworkers would be thinking I was the dirtiest employee at my company, but since (A) I have been so busy this week to even think about it and (B) I know I am not, I don't care.  I just want the word off my hand because everytime I look at it all I can think is of Oscar Bluth and his two pairs of pants.

And that just means I'm weird.

~ The Office Scribe


John said...

"all I can think is of Oscar Bluth and his two pairs of pants."

No Arrested Development reference is weird. That show was the best.

Ed said...

Maybe you should buy a coloring book.

Erika said...

Cheap ass bic pens were always the hardest to get rid of for me. Which was ok to a point. I usually found that I got so used to seeing a mark on my hand that I eventually just ignored it and forgot whatever anyway.

Aimee said...

Diarrhea. That's what I wrote on my hand before a doctor's appointment to help me remember to tell the doc about the side effect of the medication she prescribed. The sad thing is that I still didn't remember. She saw it on my hand and very tactfully asked me what it meant.