Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Monday #23

I have decided I want to trade in my cubicle for and glassed in office with mini blinds that I can close and make people think I am up to no good.  Which, of course, I wouldn't be.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I may have to officially give up regular lattes and start drinking soy.  Why?  Because my stomach felt like I was kicked by a donkey all day.  And nothing makes a really long Monday feel even longer than the horrible feeling of being kicked by a donkey.  But before anyone can make a snarky comment, yes, being kicked by a donkey is better than being punched by one.

Some companies have shirts with their logos printed on them.  Mine doesn't.  But I would totally wear a fleece with a logo on it because my office was about 40 degrees today while it was probably 45 degrees outside.

My mom packed my lunch today and put a pudding cup in the bag.  And for that she totally deserves Mom of the Year.

I spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon on a pub crawl (which is awesome when you aren't drinking BTW) but since it has been winter and I haven't been out walking munch, I feel like I did 1,000 squats.  And nothing eases your muscles like sitting in a desk chair.  I got up at one point to go to the printer and almost fell over.

On my long commute in today it was really foggy, like the moors of England foggy.  I was afraid I was going to be late because I might hit the Hound of the Baskervilles and Sherlock Holmes would tear me a new one.  Unless it was the RDJ Sherlock Holmes, then I guess that would be allright.

~ The Office Scribe


Travis said...

Make that two votes for your mom.

Pudding cup, FTW!

Erika said...

I would be okay with hitting a Baskerville Hound in order to meet RDJ as well.

Ed said...

It's better to be kicked BY an ass the kicked IN the ass.

A Vapid Blonde said...

When is lent over. I need to start showering soon this is getting gross.

I know that feeling of standing up and almost falling over after a good work out. I think it happened once to me.

Boomka said...

I want that office too! And then I will get a life size dummy and throw it up against the blinds every once in a while to make people think I am cracking skulls! And I actually pack my own pudding cups, well, not pudding cups, but string cheese. God it is so good. I have been eating the same lunch for 20 years and guess who's not changing!

The Office Scribe said...

Yeah, string cheese is pretty sweet too.

dadadadio said...

If the RDJ Sherlock tore you a new one I suspect you'd reply in an english accent ..... "Thank you kind sir, may I have another?"