Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out of Office Message

I just realized yesterday that some people put Out of Office messages on their e-mail accounts even when they just leave the office at the end of the work week.  While it's nice to let people know you won't be back until Monday, I don't think this is a practice I could get behind for two reasons.

1) I can barely remember to put an Out of Office message on my phone when I am going to be actually out of the office on the rare occasion I take some time off.  So what makes me think I could do this every Friday?

2) I think my message would be mean.  For example, my message yesterday might have read something like this:


Thank you for your e-mail.  Unfortunately, I have already left for the weekend.  Ah yes, the weekend.  Those blissful 48 hours when the last thing on my mind is you and your ridiculous e-mails.  While you are wondering when I will get back to you, I will be lying around my house in pajama pants eating cold Chinese food and watching a marathon of "Ghost Hunters" on the SyFy channel.  

That's right.  I won't be doing anything heartwarming or productive while I don't think about my cubicle or the e-mails that will be waiting for my upon my return on Monday.  (And no, I am not going to tell you what time I am in on Monday.  You will just have to wait until I am good and ready to return your e-mail.)

So until you hear back from me, take it easy and enjoy whatever plans you have this weekend.  I'd love to stay and work* but I have to order some dim sum.

Have a lovely weekend,
The Office Scribe
Director of Weekend Nothingness

*P.S. - That's a lie.  I'd rather be watching "Ghost Hunters."

See what I mean?  I don't think I'd be able to filter out my joy of it being Friday which is why I just disappear into the darkness come 6:00 on Fridays.

~ The Office Scribe

P.S. - Anyone else living in the Midwest wake up this morning and ask themselves "Is that snow outside?  What happened to the 60 degree spring weather we had yesterday?"


Anonymous said...

Wait, you had snow? I'm sorry all the other stuff was interesting, but the snow...that really caught my eye. :) Are you going skiing this weekend?

Chris said...

Voo, I keep telling you to come to PA. Today it's 70 and sunny...rain in the forecast for Monday but no snow!!

The Office Scribe said...

Yes, it has been snowing here for at least the past 4 hours. And no, I am not going skiing. I will, however, be watching the the newest teen movie phenom. I was told however, I have to check my snarky comments at the door - but that doesn't mean I won't be taking notes so I can post my MST3K take on the film tomorrow.

Erika said...

So it sounds like you and I spend our weekends in similar fashions.

And holy hell my family is Midwestern. Heard all about the snow. That sucks. I just talked with a friend of mine in KC this she said they were at about 5 inches at the time and it was still snowing.

jenniedelaney said...

I love your blog! I was in Chicago on some much needed vacation for the weekend ... could have done without the freezing rain/snow.