Thursday, July 9, 2009

The World's Water Supply - Consumed By My Office

My, aren't we a hydrated bunch?

Okay, so I know that the air inside an office building can suck the moisture out of the human body faster than a thirty vampire* but there are a LOT of people drinking high quality H20 in my office.  But aside from the quantity I couldn't help but notice the various vessels from which people drink.

Personally, I drink out of a tricked out Nalgeen bottle.  It's green with a black neoprene sleeve which prevents the condensation from puddling all over my desk and even has a skull splash guard so I don't spill water all down myself.

Okay, I know.  That is possibly the smallest picture for what I am talking about, but I am sure you get my drift...

Lot's of people in my office, especially the "younger" crowd (i.e. people under 35) seem to haul Nalgenes around.  I use the word "haul" because when they are full these things weigh a god-dang-ton.

Surprisingly no one has really jumped on the aluminum bottle bandwagon that seems so popular lately.  Perhaps for the same reason I haven't, which is I own about a dozen water bottles and can't justify purchasing a new $25 dollar one just because they have a sweet graphic design created by some third world art student.

The really impressive people are the ones that drink water out of good old fashioned glasses.  I stare in wonder as they fill their glasses to the top and carry them back to their desks, never spilling a drop.  Quite often they are carrying a glass of water in one hand and a steaming hot cup of coffee in the other.  This balancing act is like something out of a circus.  If I had a box of popcorn and a giant thing of cotton candy I would be in heaven.

Personally I would dump the water all over myself before I even got 4 feet from the lunchroom which is why I use the bottle that I do.

~ The Office Scribe

P.S. - I extended the date for the poll about my friend Stubbs getting a mullet.  Why?  Because I want to see if I can get 100 people to confirm that she should rock the business in the front party in the back look... so tell your friends and family that I need votes.

*  Oh yeah, I made a vampire reference.  They are so trendy right now I couldn't help myself.  Did you know that some of them even sparkle???


GS said...

Apparently I live under a rock I don´t get the vampire-sparkle reference... and to think I loved vampires when I was a child.

Crysta said...

Drinking a ton of water at work provides a nice, convenient (and biological!) excuse to get up every 90 minutes or so. Refilling and going to the bathroom helps break up the monotony. I even switched to a smaller water bottle to encourage this.

Holly said...

Drinking more water = less chance for kidney stones, bladder infections and constipation. Getting up to pee more often = more 'exercise' and excuse for more frequent work breaks that usually only smokers get to take.

Never make fun of people who drink a lot of water. They are being healthy :)

Vampires are fast and their skin sparkles in the sunlight according to the Vampire Twilight series. ;)

David said...

Well... If the world's water supply is consumed by your co-workers, then the world's pop sodas supply is consumed by the fellow up here.

As for me,
"I don't drink coffee
I drink tea my dear
I like my toast just on one side"

In any case, I don't lack excuses to be getting up from my post every, say, 5 min.


dadadadio said...

I'll go out in a limb and guess the people drinking from glasses are the 'older' coworkers.

We were raised on Dixie cups. Our liquid balancing skills were honed decades ago, long before bottled water and personalized H20 vessels.

I don't even know what a Nalgene is.

The Office Scribe said...

GS - Who doesn't love a good vampire? (Which is why I am not a fan of those 'Twilight' people - not actual vampires in my book)

Crysta - I just make up my own excuses to leave my desk - like I have to get away or I might throw my terra cotta warrior at someone!

kona - the kidney stone thing is one of the reasons that I drink lots of water (have had a few, not fun). The other reason is some silly rule against Gin and Tonic in the workplace.

David - there are A LOT of soda drinkers in my place too. I wish I had the money from the vending machine from the Diet Coke purchases alone.

Dadadadio - Yeah, it is mostly older people who rock the glasses. And I suggest you Google what a Nalgene is. They are amazing water bottles that are so durable you can run them over with a car and they won't break - I've seen it happen in person.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I still use the Nalgene bottles (been using nalgene since the early 80's before they had colors). But the media did scare us enough into replacing ours with two new Nalgenes from REI that do not contain BPA. - Clownfish