Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Sunday Night Routine

Sure, weekends are nice, but sometime on Sunday I realize that I have to go back to work.  And like most people, I have a certain routine I stick to in order to prepare myself for what is to come.

I generally start out by doing some laundry because clean clothes are often appreciated by co-workers.  This thought usually hits me around 6:00PM which means that I can get a good 2-3 loads of laundry completely done before the sound of me going about my chores starts bothering the neighbors.  See, someone left a rather snarky note on the board in the mail room one day about the sound of washing machines running after 10:00PM.  Then someone else wrote back that, and this is just a paraphrase, "I own my god-damn unit and will do god-damn laundry whenever I please".  So to avoid hate from my neighbors I limit myself to doing laundry until about 10:00PM (NOTE:  It is currently 10:47PM and my dryer is still running.  Why won't some loads dry in one cycle?)

After the laundry is started I begin to think about food.  Now on Sundays I have generally just come from one of two places: (1) - My mom's which means I am still full from eating an awesome meal or (2) - From the city and I am still recovering from the night before and food is downright a vile thought.  But it doesn't really matter where I spent Saturday night because I never seem to have food in my fridge on Sunday nights.  Fridge gnomes might be to blame.  So I spend the next 15 minutes coming up with a simple and precise shopping list so I can stop by the Jewel after work and not stick to the list what-so-ever.

Then I stop and watch "True Blood".  Seriously, I love it.  Sure the acting is a little strained but come on, it's about vampires and they are always cool.  Unless they are the vamps from that "30 Days of Night" movie because those bastards were scary.  So scary that the lead one went onto be the bad guy from "Wolverine" and is related to Angelica Huston.  (That second thing may not actually have anything to do with his role in "30 Days of Night"...)

I continue doing chores after "True Blood", which includes making sure all my NetFlix DVD's are in their red envelopes so I can drop them in the mail, finding the left shoe of the pair I want to wear tomorrow, and realizing that the only commercials they show on late night cable are for "Girls Gone Wild" videos and chat lines for lonely singles in the suburbs.

Next comes the shower debate: Do I shower tonight or take one in the morning?  There are pros and cons to each choice.  If I take a shower tonight I can sleep in a little later tomorrow morning but will have wacky bed head... while if I shower in the morning it will help wake me up but will have to cope with drying my hair which right now looks like Cousin It because I haven't had a haircut since Obama has been in office.

Eventually I will fall asleep watching old episodes of "Talk Soup" before coming to an real conclusion, will dream about work, and wake up 3 minutes before my alarm clock goes off which is the worst feeling in the world.

Ahh, Sunday nights...we couldn't have Mondays without them.

~ The Office Scribe


Gen said...

True Blood is also part of my Sunday night routine. You gotta love all that drama.

jenniedelaney said...

To shower or not to shower -- :) Love your blog.

The Office Scribe said...

Gen - Whenever an episode ends I am always left going "Holy hell what just happened?" Love it!

jennie - Turns out I am a midnight showerer. And thanks for reading!

dadadadio said...
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dadadadio said...

Let me try this again.......

I also have a Sunday 'winding down' routine to prep myself for Monday. Laundry and True Blood are not part of it.

Strained? is that a new word for 'bad' acting. I love HBO. I try every new series and I gave True Blood a chance. I thought the premise was great.

After three episodes I bailed out. I think the acting and dialogue are weak. Don't hate me for it.

I do love Entourage.

I'm trying Hung but the jury is still out on that series.