Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Improper Use of 30 Minutes

Hmm.  I just got home from work and realized I was absolutely starving.  So I threw a burger on the grill and tried to think why I was so hungry.  I tried to remember what I had for lunch and I couldn't remember.  Do you know why?

Because I didn't take a lunch today.


How did that even happen?  Shouldn't some biological signal go off in my body telling me around noon that I should eat something?

People all around me went to lunch.  I remember that.  And I remember smelling someone eating tuna around me and thinking about how it smelled like cat food.  But at no point during my day did I think about eating lunch myself.

I guess it's true:  if it isn't scheduled in my day planner I don't remember to do it.

~ The Office Scribe

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

I am actually jealous that you are that busy. My job is so incredibly slow that I have nothing to do all day. I would never miss lunch, its all I have to look forward to!