Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those Chicks From The Fourth Floor

By my nature I am a competitive person. Perhaps not so much physically, but mentally. I like to have someone to spar against. You know, exchange witticisms and perhaps even an occasional dirty look? Basically I always want to have an enemy.

And ladies and gentlemen who frequent this blog, I have a whole new group of nemeses:

Those Chicks From The Fourth Floor

It was pointed out to me by a fellow co-worker of mine that someone from the office above us was coming down to use our bathroom. Okay, weird, but not a reason to raise any red flags. Especially when I found out that the reason this lady visits our stalls is because the other chicks on the fourth floor are disgustingly filthy when it comes to bathroom use.

No problem.

Until today at lunch when someone told me that ALL OF THE CHICKS ON THE FOURTH FLOOR ARE USING OUR BATHROOM! This pissed me off. The last thing I need mucking up my day is to head to the bathroom and find it gross and trashed like a bunch of meth heads were using it. Plus, our bathroom has a lock on it and if you don’t know the code, you are not getting in. (This did make for some rather humorous moments when we first moved in. Panic stricken ladies who had to use the facilities but couldn’t remember the code…)

So one of my co-workers heads to HR to ask them what the deal is. Well first off, as it turns out the lock isn’t currently activated. I don’t know how long this has been going on but I don’t feel comfortable knowing that a gun-toting freaking could burst in at any moment and lay the bathroom to waste. Um, where was I. Oh, yeah, the second thing is they are using our bathroom because THEIR’S IS BROKEN!

Which means they broke it and now they are trying to break ours. And I will not take that lying (or in this case – sitting) down.

They don’t even know it, but those Chicks On The Fourth Floor are my new enemies.

May god have mercy on their souls.

~The Office Scribe

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