Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Mr. Vending Machine Guy

When we moved into our new space I was delighted by the new and improved beverage and snack machines that occupied the corner of the lunch room. The chips and snacks were much more diverse with an excellent selection of healthier items (for those who wanted it). And the pop machine, while it charged a bit more, held convenient bottles instead of cans which couldn’t be closed.

And while I didn’t visit the machines often, it was nice to know that there were there if I should need them.

Well, today was one of those days and I am sad to report, they were not there for me. I simply needed some chips to go with my #7 sandwich from Jimmy Johns. But instead of a normal potato chip the machine was half empty, the only full slots containing suck culinary atrocities as “Hot and Spicy Fries” and “JalapeƱo Popcorn”. So I was left to get a small bag of “Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips”.

But my real disappointment came when I turned to the pop machine. Out of the 10 choices, two of them are Diet Coke, my carbonated beverage of choice and the perfect accompaniment to my sandwich. So I inserted my $1.25, chose one of the Diet Coke buttons and to my dismay saw that it was sold out. So I hit the button below, which was also Diet Coke. Again, sold out. Was the little warning light lit up next to either button burning orange to indicate that I shouldn’t even try? Nope. And with the machine refusing to give me my change back I was forced to buy Tropicana “Orangeade” which even though it has won a taste award from “professional chefs” tastes like pre-mixed Tang.

So Mr. Vending Machine Guy, next time could you make sure to properly stock both machines so I don’t have to feel this disappointment again? In these trying times the last thing I need is the distress of not having a quality meal.

~The Office Scribe

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