Monday, November 3, 2008

Huh? What?

Lately I have been extremely distracted at work. By what, I am not sure since out of a 7.5 hour work day I think I am currently doing about 2 hours of work (If anyone with any authority to fire me is reading this please don’t. Just come over to me desk and tell me what to do.) Maybe it is just because it is Monday and I was such a lump after my Halloween party that the most productive thing I did was remember to pay my rent.

I realized how not in the groove I am when I looked up to see what day it was and my Page-A-Day Calendar still said it was Monday, October 27. Granted I have mentioned before how boring and lame my calendar is but that is still no excuse for me not changing it in a solid week.

And I hate being like this. While many people love when it is slow at their jobs I am the opposite. I thrive in hectic scenarios. I love when people are throwing things at me that need to be done ASAP. Multitasking makes me happy.

So, in an effort to motivate myself, I am in the process of creating a To-Do list. (As you know I am a list fiend). Some of them are work oriented. Most of them are not. But I have to find a productive use for my time.

Hopefully things will pick up after the election is over but if it continues like this for much longer, expect me to start writing this blog in Mandarin (I’ve always wanted to learn an Orient language…)

~The Office Scribe

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