Monday, October 18, 2010

Manic Monday - The New Orleans Edition

Ha!  And you thought just because I was on vacation there  wasn't going to be a Manic Monday post this week.  But how could I not keep you, my dedicated readers, up to date on my adventures in the deep south.  And since my current port of call (New Orleans) has provided me with complimentary wi-fi, I thought I would share some thoughts from running around the Crescent City.

If you keep waking up at random time throughout the night, wondering why you have an overwhelming urge to go to the bathroom, it might be because of the fountain in the charming courtyard outside your French Quarter hotel.

Alligator is delicious when dipped in spinach dip.

Hey, strange guy walking down the street.  You don't scare me.  I'm from Chicago.

I need all of you to start selling candy bars or drugs or something because I want to buy this house. Not because of it's great location or amazing look.  But because it was owned by a guy who was thought to be a real life vampire.  No joke.  So let's see how fast we can raise $2 million.

Most random thing ever - on my ghost tour I saw the Budwieser Clydesdales. It was weird, but at least I got some beads - and I didn't have to work for them!

~ The Office Scribe


Shany said...

I'm curious about where you stayed (not that I think you should tell us) because my co-worker just came back from New Orleans a few weeks ago and complained about the fountain outside her room making her have to pee all night long.

Hmmmm...makes you wonder...maybe she is you or you are

Pat said...

Here's the silver least you didn't wet the bed. Or did you? (*I ask with one eyebrow raised*)

The Office Scribe said...

I stayed at a place called the Place d'Armes about a block off Jackson Square. It's a wonderful hotel (room 126 was great) but make sure if you can't do stairs you tell them about that when you make the reservation!

And no, I did not pee in my rollaway. Haven't done that in years...