Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Office Might Be Haunted

Lately I have been working a lot of overtime.  A LOT of overtime.  The department I used to belong to is really behind and asked if we would help out.  And since I am poor and anything after 40 hours is time and a half, I said sure.

So last Saturday I came in to work for a few hour.  Now normally there are about 200 employees in my office at any given time.  When I came in, there were four.  And they sat all the way on the other side of my wing, so I couldn't see or hear them.  But that didn't bother me.  I was there to get some serious work done and it would be nice to not have someone constantly at my desk, asking me questions, when I am trying to work.

But my Saturday was plagued with problems.  

First off, I couldn't find the light switch for the lights in my section of the office.  There were three switches on the wall about 10 feet from my desk.  Logic would dictate that those should work the lights near them.  No dice.  All three switches turned on lights approximately 40 feet away.  After looking for about 10 minutes I decided that my desk light would be enough and set to work.

That is when I heard it.  A soft rustling noise coming from the cubicle behind me.  At first I didn't think much of it, until it slowly sank in that I hadn't seen anyone else come in.  So I stood up and peered over the wall.  No one was there.  I assumed the vents for the heating system were blowing on something.  No dice.  I don't even think the system was turned on.

For the who four hours I was there I kept hearing things move in the cubicle behind me.  And I wasn't crazy.  Another co-worker who came in heard the noise too.  We discussed what it might be and came to the only logical conclusion.  The office is haunted.

So from now own when I work late or come in on the weekends, I am brining my Pope Snowglobe* with me, just in case.  The printers give me enough problems.  I don't need a pissed off spirit ruining my day.

The Office Scribe

*You can find the greatest things for sale outside the Vatican.  Maybe I'll tell you the story about the golfballs sometime...

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Suzi said...

The cubicle behind you huh . . . . That would be my cube, so in short your telling me i sit in a haunted cube for 8 hours a day?! Lovely :) I am not very fond of ghosts