Friday, September 26, 2008

Dumb Advice From Calenders

Okay, so I know a lot of people in offices have "Page A Day" calendars. Hell, I have one. And it sucks. It is a Joke A Day calendar full of the most pathetic jokes you have ever heard. Seriously, there is like a "Yo Mamma" joke at least once a week.

But now I am completely off topic.

So anyway, there is an advice Page A Day calendar next to one of the printers I use everyday. I have no idea who it belongs to, it just has a new page torn off everyday and I read the bit of wisdom as I wait for my paper to appear. Today, as usual, there was a new suggestion and as I read it, it pissed me off.

"Forget Casual Friday, If you work in a professional place, always dress professional"
What. The. Hell.

Personally, I look forward to casual fridays. I get to rock jeans and a variety humorous t-shirts that I own. I feel comfortable. And guess what, when I am comfortable, I tend to work better. I mean, no one but June Cleaver does laundry or cleans house in heals and a dress. I usually throw on a pair of sweats and go to town.

And I don't know why the other four days a week I can't go casual. No clients ever come into the office, so who do we need to look professional for? As long as a co-worker gets their work done I don't care if they are wearing a power suit or a sweatsuit.

So here's to casual Friday's. I will never forget thee.

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