Saturday, September 6, 2008

And you were there. And you were there.... And you too!

I was up at my mom's last weekend, relishing in the last days of summer with cookouts and lazy time on the boat, both of which can make a person very tired. So I took a shower on Monday night and snuggled down in my bed for a good old fashioned sleep.

And what do you think happened?

I dreamt of a co-worker. Actually, I dreamt of work and like 10 of my coworkers. It was weird. The dream took place in my office and it was my birthday, so like all good little cubicle monkeys, we were celebrating like we really gave a damn. Anyway, for some reason, all of my coworkers had bought me presents. Now the only present that I could remember came from my newest co-worker. He bought me a case of Mop-N-Glow. Why? I have no idea. That is the great thing about dreams, they don't have to make sense.

Much like working in an office.

~The Office Scribe

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