Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pain - And this time not caused by my desk

Ever sit for 8 hours in a semi-comfortable chair with what feels like an ice pick shoved in your left kidney?

Well that isn't what I did today.  I clocked in 3 hours of overtime which made it 11 hours of sitting in a semi-comfortable chair with what felt like an ice pick shoved in my left kidney.

Did a co-worker shank me when I wasn't looking?  No, due to a crappy ticket in the genetic lottery I occasionally get these lovely little things called kidney stones.  And yes, they are every bit as painful as you have heard.  They say the pain is the closest thing to child birth.  Like I need another reason to not want to have kids.  

A couple co-workers asked if I was going to go to the doctor.  "Why?" I asked, "to have them charge me $150 to tell me it's a kidney stone?"  No thank you.  I will self medicate just as I did the last two times I had these bastards.  Water, cranberry juice, and Motrin.  Lots and lots of Motrin.

So the next time you are sitting and work and think, how could this be worse?  Remember me and my ice pick.  Because the sad fact is, it can always be worse...

The Office Scribe

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Silvergirl said...

You might want to rethink that cranberry juice. My BIL is a urologist and he says cranberry juice can cause kidney stones. I haven't seen this advice elsewhere, but all I know is we used to drink cranberry juice at my house back in the mid 90's.

DH had a painful experience with a kidney stone where he passed out in a neighbor's home. He was taken one block up the street to the hospital in an ambulance while I was gone from the house. When I came home, the neighbors told me where he was. It turned out to be a kidney stone. After he passed it, he was fine, and he hasn't had any more kidney stones since. We also don't drink cranberry juice anymore.