Friday, October 24, 2008

Unless it’s Mickey calling, hang up

So I spent the last week with my mom hanging out in Disney World aka the Happiest Place on Earth. And though I am severely sarcastic and not really a happy-go-lucky kinda gal, I really enjoyed myself. Plus there was an international food and wine fest going down at Epcot, which made me giggle every time I realized I was drinking at Disney.

But there were a few things that bothered me, and though they don’t really have anything to do with my normal topic of “working in an office” I need to vent so I am sharing them with you.

1) Cell phones – We all have them. Heck, I feel like I am missing a limb if I don’t have mine on me. But just having the cell phone in my pocket the whole time I was in Disney was enough for me, but apparently not enough for many people who felt the need to gab away while waiting in line for the Rock N’ Roll Roller Coaster or It’s A Small World. Nothing ruins the festive nature of the parks like the lady in front of you in line loudly exclaiming that “whatever I ate at the character breakfast this morning game me a case of the runs”.

2) Bed Time – Just being on vacation means that you are off your normal routine. That is what is so great about it. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep your 4 year old up until midnight just because the Magic Kingdom has extended late night hours. I think my mom was right when she said she was sure it was a form of child abuse.

3) 24/7 eating habits + stroller = fat children – I hate strollers. Sure, they are great for babies but not for crowded theme parks. If the kid isn’t old enough to walk around for a few hours then the kid is too young to bring to Disney. That being said, I also don’t understand why kids have to eat constantly while being pushed in a stroller. No wonder we have a childhood obesity epidemic in the country.

4) Public clothing options – Fashonista I am not. But at least I know that short shorts and a jogging bra on a 65 year old woman in the middle of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is not a good look.

5) The Obsessed – While standing in line you can’t help but look at those around you and sometimes listen in on conversations. Some were funny, some were sad, but the worst were the adults (usually over the age of 45) whom I am pretty sure thought that Mickey Mouse was a real person. These would be the same people with a Goofy Tattoo and who were buying Mickey Mouse butter dishes to complete their kitchens decorating scheme.

6) Toothpick Holders – I went to buy some co-workers of mine (see, I managed to work office stuff into this post) some shot glasses. So at The Magic Kingdom I went to buy three. Guess what they rang up as? That’s right, toothpick holders. What the hell is that about? As it turns out, the Magic Kingdom is a dry park, which means not alcohol or alcohol related items. Which is why I really threw the saleswoman for a loop when I asked her what they called the Mickey Martini glasses that were on the shelf below the “toothpick holders”. I thought her head was going to explode like a Fem Bot.

But again, I had a wonderful time with my mom and will be going back in another 7 years. (I only go every 7 years.) I would recommend a trip to anyone, especially during that food and wine festival!

~The Office Scribe

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