Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What just happened?

You know how sometimes you are driving home from work, on the route you always take, and you suddenly realize that you don’t remember the last ten minutes of your commute. This happens to me every once in a while and I am always a little freaked out until I realize that I was probably driving safely because if I had hit something chances are it would have zapped me from my Zombie-like state.

But today is the first time I ever had this happen to me while at work.

The last thing I remember was coming back from Party City with crepe paper streamers for Halloween decorating. The next thing I remember is looking up at a co-worker who was next to my desk looking in my candy dish. No a big issues, except that almost an hour had gone by and I had no idea what I did for those 60 minutes.

I assume I didn’t fall asleep because people are always by my desk and someone wouldn’t have passed up the chance to kick me out of my slumber. And I also assume I was at least looking at my computer because, again, one of my co-workers would have questioned me about what I was doing.

Why did this happen? Because things are really slow at work and things that would normally have kept me alert (phone calls, e-mails, file folders being chucked in my general direction) just aren’t happening. So I will be really excited when the economy picks up and hence business picks back up for us. Because I don’t like not knowing where chunks of time went during my day. (Did you ever see Primal Fear? Let’s hope it’s not that…)

~The Office Scribe

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