Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Your Cubicle Says About You

I have always been a bit of a quirky individual. Never content with just a plain backpack in high school I felt the need to adorn mine with patches, buttons, and so many key chains that a perpetual jingling sound was heard wherever I went.

When I entered the corporate world I realized that this love for self expression could be carried out in a new medium, my cubicle. From day one I carefully sought out items that would help me declare to my new co-workers who I was. While many hung informative maps and lists, I hung pics of White Sox DH Jim Thome. Where people put binders and books I placed a Dundie Award and Darth Vader toy from Burger King. Who needs a regular old bottle of water when they could have a Penguin Water Dispenser?

But don’t think I am the only one that decorates the pale cushy beige walls that are hopefully the closest thing I will ever come to a padded room. A lot of people in the office have pics of their kids and grandkids up. Some people prefer to treat their cubicle as if it were some sort of greenhouse. (Perhaps they think the boss can’t see them behind the plants.) Others have items they obtained from their worldly travels, such as papyrus prints from Egypt, colorful prayer flags from Bhutan, and, well, a Kangaroo scrotum bottle opener from Australia.

The ones that throw me for a loop are those that have nothing in the cubicles except for work designated items. The guy who has his cubicle next to me has nothing that would let you know anything about the person he is. Actually, he is out of the office for the next two weeks and another co-worker and I threatened to decorate his space with pictures of boy band members while he was away. Were we kidding? Who knows?

I guess the point I am trying to make is that some decoration in your cubicle is a nice little insight into the person you are. It lets your co-workers know that you are more than just “that chick from accounting who does payroll”.

~The Office Scribe

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