Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Shoes

This weekend I am in one my best friend's weddings.  And by "in it" I mean I'm a Bridesmaid which means I have the dress, am getting my hair done and will do my best to not embarrass anyone with my ways...

That also means that I have shoes.  As any females knows, new heeled shoes need to be broken in similar to a way a cowboy breaks a wild horse.  It can take hours, be some pain, but in the end it will be well worth it.  Since Chicago has had some damp wet weather lately I knew I couldn't wear the shoes outside.  So I did the next best thing - I wore them around the office.

Word to the wise - if you generally dress like you stepped out of an Eddie Bauer catalog and you show up wearing shoes like this, comments will be made:

* Note - the ones I have are NOT Christian Louboutin's....

I would walk up to people to ask them a question and their jaws would drop and they'd ask, "Wow - what's with the shoes?"

But my favorite comment of the day was "It looks like Barbie threw up on your feet."

Overall, I think I impressed my co-workers because I could walk around in 4 inch heels for multiple hours and not complain.

I am a woman of many skills.

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

HOT footwear!!!

Always Occupied said...

Congrats - Cute shoes too! And don't we all wish that our heels were Loubies?

Grace said...

I would be in huge huge trouble if I had to wear these and walk around. You are a woman of many skills!