Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday - The Summer Party Edition

Last Saturday was my company's annual summer party.  This year it was held at the zoo. And it was pretty cool (except for the temperature which got really warm). Seriously, it started out really cool, so I wore jeans, which as the 2 PM sun hit us made me feel really warm.  Which is why we left.  Well, that and all the people who started to show up.  Come on?  What kind of crazy person goes to a zoo on a gorgeous Saturday?

My mom specifically wanted me to tell you about the baby Galapagos tortoises we saw.  Why?  Because they were adorable and will one day be the size of a coffee table. 


Yeah, cute as hell. And you can see they all have personalities already.

#1 Is the angry one. 
#2 Is the flirty one
#3 Is the shy one
#4 Is the funny one.

They are one shell shy of forming an all reptile boy band.  (Fun Fact: They won't be full grown for like 20 years.  These things are like humans - but with better ninja skills).

There is always something weird about seeing someone you work with everyday outside of the office.  I am 90% sure I walked past a dozen or so people and played the "do I work with them game". 

People were keen to introduce me to their family members and significant others at lunch, but I had a condition which prevented me from shaking their hands.  It's called double fisting - a Coke Zero in one hand and a Miller Lite in the other.  (Come on people, it was hot!  I was thirsty!)

Sadly, I did not win Employee of the Year (again).  I think this is just because I am so awesome that others would weep openly if they thought that is how high the bar was set.  (Or because I am too much of a handful...)

~ The Office Scribe


Ed said...

I'm gonna go with the handful option.

And that sounded dirtier than I meant.

curtisgarett said...
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Erika said...

All the turtles need are some wigs and skanky outfits and you could market them as a pop band.....Awesome.

Kelly said...

Have you considered the possibility that you really DID win Employee of the Year but there was some sort of election fraud that occurred? I think an investigation is in order.

The Office Scribe said...

Oh lord, please start that rumor that there was voter fraud. We could use a little drama in my office. I also want a rumor started that another department has been spiking their coffee with 'roids in order to bring in better numbers!