Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Messing With Me, Right?

Ahh, the Page-A-Day Calendar.  A time honored part of the Cubicle Monkey's arsenal.  Each and every December, countless hoards of office workers go to their nearest Barnes & Noble and pick out a Page-A-Day that they think won't bore them in 365 days.

In my few years of office work, I have had some hit and some misses.

Hit: Far Side

Miss: Procrastinators Calendar (far too wordy)

Hit: Trivia

Miss: 365 Jokes (Turns out, weren't very funny)

Sadly, I think I am in another miss year.  A co-worker bought me a Cupcake-A-Day Calendar for Christmas this year because of my penchant for baking.  I love it.  And I swore to myself I would never jump ahead.

The recipes started out for delicious cupcakes such as Chocolate Mud and Cinnamon Apple.  They made my mouth water everyday when I tore off the previous day.

But now, I think the authors may be running out of ideas.  Case in point: Peach and Tomato Muffins with Lime.


Oh dear lord.  That is not a happy flavor if I ever read about one.  I am sure it was just put in there to test the person who swore to make every flavor just to see if they had the balls to do it. Well, I am not that kind of person so I am going to refrain from making such a horrible concoction.

Unless my co-workers make me mad.  Then perhaps they will be my revenge cupcake and I will be the one doing the messing....

~ The Office Scribe


woman:confused said...

What? WTH?
That's... OMG. Bathroom. NOW

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's just gross. My most recent "miss" calendar was the Beer a Day calendar. I love interesting beers, so I thought this would be triumphant. But ya know what? Drinking interesting beer is a great experience. Reading descriptions of interesting beers you aren't drinking and have no prayer of finding anytime soon is just plain boring. Epic fail.