Monday, August 30, 2010

It's All About The Perks Baby

There are not many perks for those of use who work in an office.  Back in the days when I was a butcher, I used to get free lunch (meat) and a 20% discount on everything I bought (meat).  Nowadays the perks seem to be coffee - when someone remembers to make it - and the one time a year the office building buys all the tenants ice cream - which I missed this year.

That was, until we received an e-mail that made me as giddy as Stewie Griffin with a new cache of Plutonium.

Turns out, employees at my company can use the corporate discount at a major office supply chain for personal purchases.

That's right!

Cheap pens!  And notepads!  And hi-lighters!  And markers!  And, and, and staplers!


Sorry, I almost passed out there from all the excitement.  It's just, you guys know me.  I love office supplies more than Prince loves heeled shoes. More than Abe Lincoln loved tall hats.  More than vampire wannabes love body glitter.

I love them - a lot.

And now I can get them for less.


~ The Office Scribe

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