Monday, July 5, 2010

Manic Monday #31

Today I am not at work.  Why?  Because one of the cool things about working in an office (and yes, there are cool things about working in an office) is that if a holiday you would normally get off falls on a weekend, you get the following Monday off.  So my 4th of July weekend has been a long one, which is nice because I needed some time to recover from my vacation to Vegas last weekend. 

Please note: The following observations are all from the past weekend and not about being at work, since I haven't been there since Thursday (yay Super long weekend!). 

While fireworks (aside from sparklers and smoke bombs) are illegal in the state of Illinois, that has not prevented people from shooting off what I can only assume were military grade concussion grenades purchased from militant groups online for the past 36 hours.  I had no idea that they way to celebrate the country's independence was by making such a racket that those of us who had been up since 7 am couldn't fall asleep. (Sorry, but I get cranky when I don't get my sleep.)

Kids are never too young to learn how to cook.  Just ask the 5 year old who I was teaching to butterfly a flank steak.  Guess Santa had better bring him a knife set for Christmas...

My mom let me know, as she was putting away the bedding from the guest room, that if I ever get rid of the hand crafted cedar chest that has been in our family for generations she will come back to haunt me.  Now that's love.

The band that played at the clubhouse, which I could hear from my dock, was awesome!  Why? Because the last song they played, as I was drifting off to sleep, was "Don't Stop Believing", a song close to my heart.

Happy 4th Everyone.

~ The Office Scribe


Ed said...

Sounds like you had a good one. Happy 4th to you too.

Pat said...

Those "ginsu" or however you spell it knives usually have a good offering late at night on TV. Maybe when you are up late you can call in an order for you little "short order" cook for Christmas. :)