Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funnies #1

Welcome to the Sunday Funnies 
Random Observations From the 48 Hours I Am Not in the Office 

Today I was ready to be a giant nerd as I went into the city for a theater engagement armed with a camera in case I happen to see a Transformer. (They are filming the third movie in Chicago as we speak.)  Why does this make me a nerd?  Because I never take pictures.  Seriously, when I was in Vegas three weeks ago my camera never even left my bag. But I wanted to be ready in case Optimus Prime's sweet ass came rolling down Michigan Avenue. Sadly, I didn't see any robots in disguise but I did see the car hanging off the bridge, so I can nerd out when I see that in the movie.

Speaking of attending the theater, I saw Shrek the Musical today.  It was really good and the sets were amazing.  The only thing that sucked were the number of children in the theater.  Now I know what you are thinking - "Office Scribe, you went to a musical based on a children's movie.  What did you expect?"  First off, I don't think Shrek is a true children's movie. Example: When Shrek implies Lord Whosey built a big castle because he is compensating for something. Children don't get that subtext. Secondly, what kind of crazy parent thinks it is a good idea to bring a 4 year old to a live theater production, sit them in a $90 seat, and not tell them to shush? The little girl next to me gave a running commentary on the whole musical, you know, in case I missed anything - because she was talking!

Attending a family party can be fun.  Attending a family party in 90+ degree heat in a room with minimal air conditioning and no fans brings the fun level down a bit.

I just remembered I have almond cookies from eating Chinese food this evening and as soon as I am done blogging I am going to eat one while watching True Blood, which I found out you can now buy at Borders for like $6 a bottle.  I don't pay that much for a Smirnoff Ice at the bar! (Please note: That last line was intended to be humorous.  I don't actually drink Smirnoff Ice.)

If you are having some people over for dinner on a nice summer evening you really can't go wrong with kabobs.  I have never had anyone say "eeeeww, delicious chunks of meat and vegetables on a handy skewer".

I once saw a movie called "The Horse Whisperer" about a man who could talk to horses, though not literally.  Friday night I found out I can actually talk to the raccoons who patrol my neighborhood like a bunch of mall cops all hopped up on CiniBuns. One started to head towards my patio and I stood up, pointed and exclaimed "No! Go away.  You are not welcome" and damned if that thing didn't wander away.  I am amazing.

~ The Office Scribe


Ed said...

I didn't know that was filming there. I may have to make a trip up there soon. I want Bumblebee's autograph. Or Autobotgraph.

dave said...

My dad says he is still waiting for producers to spot him and cast him in the movie when he is down there. I suggested that he take Megan Fox's place.

Pat said...

Gee, are you calling me a nerd? I take my camera EVERYWHERE!

I didn't know that they were filming Transformers in Chicago! I may just have to go down there. We're up in Marengo at the moment.

That was one of my favorite lines in Shrek (1) - overcompensating part. There are MANY lines in there that only adults would understand!

True Blood - Yum! (The show - not the drink!)

The Office Scribe said...

Sadly people, I think most of the filming is over. So the lesson to be learned here is stop watching real news and only pay attention to the movies that are being filmed in your area...

The Office Scribe said...

Okay, i lied. Transformers are filming here until August 23. They just closed the street this past weekend. So I guess you still have a chance to see stuff.

FYI- If you live in Chicago you can always check with the Chicago Film Office website to see what is currently being filmed!

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