Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tonight at 11...

... we'll explain where I have been and what I have been doing and why a film forms on top of pudding made from scratch but not the stuff in the cups.

... we'll explain why Summer Shandy is the best beer ever.

... we'll explain why pens with purple ink are far superior to those with black.

... we'll explain complex math theories you will never need to know in order to balance your checkbook.

... we'll explain why you put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up

... we'll explain why 5 cups of coffee on a work day is better than 4 cups of coffee

... we'll explain why I felt the need to post the wacky at 12:49 a.m. on a Tuesday*

~ The Office Scribe

* It might have something to do with my trivia team winning tonight...  Hear that mom?  You told us to win and we did!  I do listen to you!


Ed said...

AWESOME. Congrats on the win.

GS said...

It's posts like this that make me like you even more...

Congrats on the win!!

and yes... purple ink rules!

jen said...

Shandy is DELISH. Have you tried making your own? Lager + Sprite = lemony fizzy goodness. Or lemonade, but Sprite is better. They make a good one @ Elephant & Castle.

Nine Mile said...

Purple Sharpies superior to black because over time black Sharpie ink turns purple and purple sharpie ink turns black.
Take that!

Pat said...

Gosh I hope I can stay up that late to find out the answers!