Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Now For This Evenings Broadcast

So last night (or maybe it was at an ungodly hour this morning) I was sitting at the local Irish pub, tossing back a few Summer Shandy's with my trivia team, dominating all the other teams with our vast quantity of useless knowledge when my one team member looks up and asks,

"Can I speak to the Office Scribe for a moment?"

I take a sip of my beer, sigh, and reply "Is this about me not posting for a while?"

"Yep" she says.  "July 19th was your last post."

I could tell you guys that I have been really busy at work, training a new employee and still attempting to do my job.  Or that I am also currently housesitting for my friend's family and sometimes I think her dogs are judging me.  Or that sometimes I want to blog but then my cousin invites me over for a glass of wine and I can't say no, because she's family.

So instead I will just tell you that I am still around, and trying to think of fun and exciting things to tell you about working in an office.  I know your day just isn't complete without a dose of snark from yours truly (which is why I hope you are also following me on Twitter @TheOfficeScribe) but I don't want to be one of those bloggers who posts something just to post.  You know, the people who did nothing interesting that day but are afaid they may lose a follower or two so they write a long, drawn out post about their neighbors hosta plants or their favorite flavor of Frappacino.

I will not be one of those bloggers.  I believe in quality over quantity. 

So, be like that cat poster which they always show hanging in cubicles in movies but have never actually seen in my office, and hang in there.

~ The Office Scribe

Answers to my previous blog post:

1) Skin forms on top of homemade pudding because it is unholy.
2) Summer Shandy is the best beer ever because it is like drinking a giant glass of sunshine.  And yes, I have made them myself from scratch - those are pretty kick ass too.
3) Purple ink rocks because it is both edgy and girly.
4) I lied about teaching you complex math theories.  Seriously, I have a degree in writing people!
5) Shaking is the logical move one would do if they managed to shove a lime in a coconut, followed by the thought "How did I d that?"
6) The more caffiene the merrier!  But just make sure you stop before the cup that makes it hard to type because of all the twitching.
7) Yeah, the reason I was still awake was because of trivia.  It's also the reason I am tired on Wednesdays.  So there.


Ed said...

I'm the same way. Don't force the funny. Quality over quantity.

helsalee said...

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Andrew said...

So humble when it comes to trivia.

The Office Scribe said...

There is no place for humilty when you dominate like my trivia team did last Tuesday.