Friday, February 26, 2010

Um Yeah...

So as you know, I love my job and all, but today irked me.

And since my mom didn't teach me that if I can't say anything nice I should write it on a blog on the internet I am going to keep silent for this evening, relax with a nice glass of water (damn this self imposed prohibition) and watch some bad TV.

Here's to a better post tomorrow.

~ The Office Scribe

P.S. - Don't worry.  No one got fired.  No one died.  No one spiked the coffee or stole from the vending machine.  It is really a dumb reason I am in a mood but hey, I can be in a mood if I want.  You're not my mother.

P.P.S - Unless you are, then "hi mom!"


Anonymous said...

relax... don't fret ...recharge later

M said...

"Unless you're my mom...hi mom" hahaha

The Office Scribe said...

Well she does know about the blog. I don't think she reads it that often, but there is a chance.

M said...

Cover those bases, I like your style. And I'll bet you have a cool mom.