Monday, February 8, 2010

Manic Monday - The Birthday Review

Celebrating your birthday at your place of employment can be a truly horrific event.  Hoards of bored co-workers, forced to sing "Happy Birthday" to you as they stand in line for crappy grocery store cake.

Or, it could be a pretty sweet day if you happen to work in an office full of cool people who actually like you.

Like me!

Last Friday, as some of you may have known, was my birthday.  And once again, my co-workers have proven to me how lucky I am to work in an office with people I don't hate.  And here are some of those ways...

Flowers in my cubicle.  Want to make a girl smile the moment she walks into the office?  Put some flowers in her cubicle.  I can be the most evil, sarcastic bitch on the planet sometimes, but a vase of yellow daises will make me more sappy than anything Nicolas Sparks can write.

Cupcakes.  Normally I am the one who makes cupcakes for my coworkers.  But, this time, one of my coworkers came in with a dozen Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting made by his wife.  My favorite flavor and I didn't even have to bake them?  Sweet!

No boring lunches.  I hate packing my lunch so how cool is it that instead of brown bagging it, my co-workers bought me lunch.  And not just any lunch, but pasta.  As in Fettucini Alfredo which I don't usually eat because it is horrible for you, but all calories consumed on your birthday don't count, right?

More baked goods.  In addition to the cupcakes, one person on my team made this insanely delicious Irish Cheesecake which was light as a feather and tasted like what I would imagine Colin Farrell would taste like if I licked him.  

Group card.  It's nice when a co-worker tells you how good you are.  It's even better to get it in writing.

Lack of singing.  When I made it known I didn't like when people sang "Happy Birthday" to me, instead of being smug assholes my team granted my wish and kept their traps shut.

After work drinks.  Some people went out to celebrate another co-workers birthday, but the moment they found out that it was actually MY birthday, there was a Gin & Tonic in my hand and a shot of Tequila waiting after that.

Basically, I have two rules for happy employment.

1) Never be afraid of your boss

2) Like the people you work with

Thank god I can put a check mark next to both of these.

~ The Office Scribe


Erika said...

Happy Birthday! And oh my gosh, such a true equation for a happy working environment. The people you work with can make the worst job in the world tolerable at the very least.

Bev said...

Happy Birthday! I can't imagine being happy at work or enjoying my coworkers. It's nice to read that it is possible - good for you!


CeciliaRose said...

I am so jealous of both your birthday and the fact that you love your co-workers =)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

I miss my old office. This place didn't even remember it was my birthday this year. At the old place I got CINNABONS instead of cake, because that was what I wanted, and we went out for margaritas at lunch. Margaritas and a big bowl of chips and salsa.
Yes, i worked 60 hours a week and almost had a breakdown.

GS said...

Happy late birthday!! You definitely have THE best coworkers evah!! mine is today but wasn't as nice as yours, I woul've been happy with the cupcakes :p

The Office Scribe said...

Yes, I have amazing coworkers.

Even though one of them referred to me as "an old battle axe" today.

And it should be noted, I turned 28 last Friday and the guy who said it is a whopping 11 months younger than me.

Sildenafil said...

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