Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Evil Eye

When I went to Greece a few years back (crap, I just realized that was 10 years ago and now I feel old) a little old shopkeeper in the Plaka gave my friends and I each a small evil eye because he was a little pervy but hey, free goodies!  I cherished it for the rest of that summer when I wore it on the same necklace as the vial which contained my name written on a grain of sand and a Jerry Bear.  Sadly, somewhere along the way, I lost the evil eye.

But don't fret people, because guess what showed up at work today?

That's right!  My evil eye!

But Office Scribe, you didn't work in that office 10 years ago...hell, didn't you just move into the building like 18 months ago?

Good point.

See, it wasn't my little blue adorable evil eye from the pervy shopkeeper.  It was my own right eye that decided to go evil on me.  Ever see "The Evil Dead II"?  Yeah, something along those lines.

The little bastard won't stop twitching and it is getting on my nerves.  Which is funny, because they say it is a sign of stress and nerves, so I am thinking this will never go away because I am stuck in some sort of vicious eye twitching cycle.

I was totally aware of it while talking to coworkers.  Even though they told me they couldn't see it I knew it was twitching.  At one point I swear it was keeping the beat along with Postal Service song playing on my iPod.  I thought I would just relax at home tonight and perhaps it would go away.  So far, no dice.  And now I have a headache on top of it.

When I gouge this puppy out and start wearing a patch to work I will be pissed if no one refers to me as Captain.

~ The Office Scribe


Chris said...

That happens to me quite often-to the point where people DO notice it. I talked with a neurologist about it and was told that it normally IS stress and can also be caused by not having enough sleep. Relax. Get plenty of rest. It'll go away, I promise!!

A Vapid Blonde said...

Melon Ballers work really well for eyeball gouging.

I had a twitch in my left ass cheek for about three months...That you could feel if you touched it.

So I made every one touch it of course