Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Results Are In: The Bobblehead Poll

I started this poll this week for two reasons.  A#1 was that bobbleheads are commonly found in offices and this is a blog about working in an office (for the most part).  And B#2 because I will find any excuse to blog about Jim Thome, who is my fav bobblehead.

Well, as you can see from the previous post a horrible thing happened this week as he was traded from my beloved Chicago White Sox to the LA Dodgers.  But I have posted about that already and will not share my feelings again.  (I hate you Kenny Williams.)

So here are the results of last weeks poll:

Do you own a Bobblehead?

Yes, It Sits On My Desk - 6 Votes
No, I Hate Springs - 2 Votes
Yes, My Collection Is Huge - 0 Votes
No, I Don't Like Yes Men - 15 Votes

I was a little sad to see that not a lot of my readers own bobbleheads.  And that 2 of you have something against springs....

Perhaps I should create an Office Scribe bobblehead*.  You guys would buy one, right?

~ The Office Scribe

* And no, it wouldn't look like me.  I have already said that a bobblehead of myself on random people's desks would freak me out.


Anonymous said...

On September 16, 2007, on "Jim Thome Bobblehead Day" at U.S. Cellular Field, Thome hit his 500th career home run, becoming the 23rd player in baseball history to accomplish the feat. His 500th career home run was a walk-off winner; he is the only player to accomplish that feat.

dadadadio said...

Is anonymous saying 23 players have hit their 500th home run on their Bobblehead night?

Un. Believable.

I'm sorry I missed your poll. I always do. I have one bobblehead, a Trot Nixon edition collecting dust on my bookshelf at home.

I have been to several bobblehead nights. I always give mine away to some runny nosed kid whose parents got to the game too late for him (or her) to score the bobblehead booty.

The thing about Jim Thome is, he's a natural bobblehead model. Look at the man's cranium. Jeeeeez, I think he was the inspiration for the bobblehead.