Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend Movie Suggestion – PCU

Sometimes I find myself missing college.

And then I remember the following things about college and that feeling goes away:
- 3AM fire alarms
- Noisy sex from neighbors
- The freshman 15
- Tests
- Lack of personal space
- Basic Cable
- Realizing that people are filthy creatures when it comes to bathrooms

But still, sometimes I like to be reminded of a better college experience. So I turn to movies. Classics such as Animal House, Van Wilder, and Urban Legend help me feel like there are colleges out there that were better than mine. (And by “mine” I mean the three I went to. Yeah, it took me 6 years to get a BA.)

But last night, I watched one of my favorite movies about college life: PCU. If you don’t have Comedy Central, then chances are you may not have seen this gem.

The basic story is a young kid goes to visit Port Chester University as a pre-frosh to see if it will be the college for him. But the moment he steps off the bus, he realizes that college isn’t all it is cracked up to be. From being pared with a 7th year senior (Jeremy Piven) to being chased by all the politically correct kids on campus, one day in college is hell for this kid.

The story itself is kinda lame, but what I love is the characters. Piven is the leader of a slacker group who lives in an old fraternity house. David Spade is the head of an uber-conservative underground fraternity. George Clinton makes a cameo. Jon Favreau, who has gone on the be a director, is a stoner house member. It’s just an all around fun movie.

So check you basic cable listing to see if it’s being played 700 times this weekend on Comedy Central or move it to the top on NetFlix and kick back with a college experience that most likely looks nothing like what you went through.

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