Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Forward, Fall Back (Asleep)

So yesterday, everyone (with the exception of Arizona, Hawaii, and parts of Indiana) did their clock-ly duties and flipped them ahead on hour in honor of Daylight Savings Time.

This practice both confuses and infuriates me.

First off, I am not sure why we do it. Yes, I have heard experts explain about getting more hours during when it is light out and how it will help people. Still don’t understand why we have to do this. There is nothing like throwing off the schedules of millions of hard working Americans by forcing them to go to sleep when their bodies aren’t ready for it yet.

I generally go to sleep around ten or so, depends on what is on TV or if I am in the middle of writing. (Note: Nothing on TV has kept me awake lately because I won’t have cable until next Monday!) So I put on my PJ’s, brush my teeth, get a drink of water, settle down in my comfy bed and proceed to spend the next hour staring at my ceiling. I was in bed, but I wasn’t really tired yet.

Secondly, it isn’t until you have to change your clocks that you realize how many freaking clocks you have in your life. Yesterday I changed, in the span of the day:

Clock on Fridge
Clock on Microwave
Clock on Cellphone (turned it off and turned it back on)
Clock in car
Clock on Alarm
Clock on DVD player
Clock on radio
Three watches (one of which I still don’t have correct and need to pull the direction book out)
Guinness Clock

And those are just in my one bedroom apartment. I still have to venture up to my lake house and see what all needs to be changed up there!

But out of this grief did come a bit of humor. A friend of mine e-mail me this morning and asked if I ever have other people write for this blog, because she would like to contribute as Asleep On My Desk, since she fell asleep at her desk this morning. After laughing as I got the mental picture in my head, I told her that I am always up for having others contribute crazy work stories to share with others.

But now I have to go back to being confused about why it is nearly time to leave and still as bright out as it was at noon. Somehow I want to blame the Weather Channel

The Office Scribe

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