Friday, December 21, 2007

We who are about to drink salute you

You know how you can really determine how awesome a co-worker is? Sure, you can sit by them day by day and watch how they work and learn about them through chit chat and small talk. Or you can go balls to the walls drinking with them after a holiday work party.

Consider this my thank you to all the people were hardcore enough to continue on after we shut down the movie theater on Wednesday night and made our way to the local Irish pub. Thank you to those who said weren’t deterred by it being Open Mic night and packed like a college frat party. Thank you to those who we didn’t think would be there but were and are now much cooler in my book because of it.

And thank you to everyone who actually got up the next day and made it to work. Personally, I have never been so happy in my life to have a day or two off. While I was stumbling to the bathroom at 7:30AM to pop 3 Motrin to kill my headache, you were getting in your cars. When I groggily let my dog out at 9:00AM you were checking e-mails and answering phone calls. When I finally got my ass out of bed around 10:00AM with one of the better hangovers that I have had in a while, you were in meetings and dealing with customers.

It took me almost a day and a half to deal with the repercussions of that night and you, the gladiators of my office, pushed through and worked while I lounged. I bow down and kneel before you, unworthy to consider myself your equal and yet hoping that if the situation were different I would be.

So don’t think that I didn’t find myself thinking about you, the mighty warriors I call co-workers, while I was on my day off. Because I was.

Have a wonderful Holiday and I will see you all on Wednesday.

The Office Scribe

P.S. – If for some reason you were out with me that night and didn’t manage to make it to work on time the next day, don’t worry. I don’t think any less of you. Because chances are I didn’t think much of you in the first place!

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David said...

I rocked a minor hang-over last Saturday morning after a drinking binge that lasted longer than I had lasted in a while. So after hydrating, I decided to enjoy the beautiful day and go for a run. After 11 minutes, I had a splitting headache and felt like puking and/or passing out. So I feel you on that hangover.