Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blinded by the (Christmas) Lights

I am exhausted. Luckily, I have a lot of time off during the month of December. See, that is what happens when you really don’t go anywhere during the year and are forced to use all your vacation days before December 31.

Anyway, in my sleepy haze, I have been looking around the office and I am proud of the number of holiday decorations that I see. The department next to me wrapped all their filing cabinets in gift wrap. Another department hung hand-made snowflakes from the ceiling tiles. My department on the other hand, has been way too busy to even think about decorations.

Well, that is except for me. I found, at Jewel, a 99 cent gold garland which I strung from my shelf next to my desk. Oh, but I did not stop there. I got super creative and printed out pictures of Judy Garland, Jon Garland (Chicago White Sox) and Garland Green (Soul Singer) and hung them from the garland. So I now have a garland of Garlands.

The clever people in the office get it. But sadly, a majority of them don’t. Even after I explain it to them. (((Sigh)))

The Office Scribe

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