Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Welcome everyone to my blog. I have always wanted to start a blog, and I have tried a few times, but now I really have something to write about. My job in an office.

When I was a small child, I wanted to own my own restaurant and be a marine biologist. Other kids wanted to be firemen, fighter pilots, explorers, etc. No one in their right mind as a child had the dream to sit in front of their computer all day long and try to look busy while secrectly plotting to get their co-workers fired and work out a way for it to always be "casual Friday".

But here I sit, with a degree in Creative Writing, at a desk for 8 hours each day. Why? Two words: Health Insurance. My dad told me I had to leave my happy little retail job which I had for nearly 9 years to find something that would get me health insurance (and a more stable salary.)

So until I can make it as a writer (which at this moment the WGA is not making easy with their strike and everything) I will work at my desk, do my job, and blog about what happens in my typical American office.


The Office Scribe

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Margaret said...

Hey, because of the strike, it should be easier for you to be a scab and cross the picket line to write for some TV show. I recommend trying to get a job writing for THE OFFICE. I feel this would benefit all people involved, but mostly me because I would like to meet Jim. Get on that.