Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scribe Style - How to Fix The Printer

Step One - Get up from desk after watching coworkers mutter over printer and attempt to understand the cryptic paper jam removal instructions.

Step Two - Sigh heavily, attempting to conceal the smirk that is itching to spread on your face.

Step Three - Ignore paper jam removal instructions.

Step Four - Open tray 1, close tray 1.

Step Five - Open tray 2, close tray two.

Step Six - Turn machine 180 degrees, look in back, turn machine back.

Step Seven - Press the green button.

Step Eight - Bask in the glory of having fixed the printer jam, even though no paper was actually jammed.

Step Nine - Repeat steps one through eight at least once a day.

Seriously, I sometimes think the printer guys have installed some sort of candid camera and trigger paper jam errors by remote just to mess with us.

~ The Office Scribe


Ed said...

I love it when it says "low toner" and you tap it or shake it and the shit goes everywhere.

It ain't low.

They program that shit to say "low toner" just so they can laugh when you get it all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I think all printers are the same.

Ours at the library where I work operates exactly like yours.

Weird, huh? ;)