Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Cube With A View

I know there are companies that choose their offices based on prestigious addresses or a nice view.  My office doesn't have either of those, but I love the location.  Here's why:

1) Food
There have to be about 20 places within a 5 minute drive where one can go get some tasty vitals.  Feel like a burrito?  There's Chipotle.  Soup in a bread bowl with a side of bread?  Try Panera.  Chicago hot dog?  Portillo's of course!  Disgusting pizza served buffet style?  That place NEXT to Panera!

2) Early Warning
At 10:00 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month (like today) the tornado siren is tested.  And since it is, oh, level with where I park my care, we can hear it really well inside the building.  REALLY WELL.  Which I can only assume means that when a tornado actually strikes, or aliens attack, or whatever causes that thing to go off, we will be able to get to safety just that much faster.  Which as we know (because of Hollywood) a few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

3) Traffic 
No, I am not excited that we have a lot of traffic.  I am excited because I can see how bad the traffic is on my route home from my window.  Well, from the window I can see if I turn 180 degrees, stand up, and look over my coworkers cubicle.

Hmm, I just realized I may have provided some of you with enough information to track me down.  Well, let the stalking begin*!

~ The Office Scribe

* 4) Key Cards and Desk Guards
Good luck with that whole stalking thing.

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la nom said...

It's important to prioritize these sorts of things. I used to choose my workplace based on escapability in case of a zombie apocalypse.


Not really, but it sounds cool when I tell people that - and I really do contemplate it, just in case.