Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday #49

Holy crap that new highlighter is pink.  I bet that's what Barbie's blood looks like.

My mom gave me a Tassimo home brewing system a few weeks ago.  I just got around to hooking it up and now I think I am addicted. Seriously, if they made a portable version (of the brewer) I would be up 24/7.  I am waiting for them to make a version for the car.  That would be amazing!

It is my fault the candy dish is full.  It is not my fault that you are eating the candy.

Thank god the ice machine is once again working in the lunch room.  I for one, am so much happier when there is something in the office that makes the place feel like a hotel. (Plus I think my mom is the only person who likes "tepid" water.)

Yesterday was 74 degrees and sunny. Today was grey and in the 40's.  Isn't spring in the midwest wonderful?

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

Your weather is just like PA...this AM it was 59 and now it's 40. Go figure! CAS

Ed said...

Barbie's blood is pink.

Trust me.

Leonora Jernigan Harrison said...

HA HA. Just found your blog and I love it. I will say the candy dish in my office is apparently a buffet to some. Oh well...thanks for the humor!