Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday #37

So I was pretty sure I was going to come home today and find that I had been robbed.  Why?  Because when the guys installing new carpet in the hallway warned me about coming home during the day and possibly not being able to get in because of the glue and such, I said "Aw, don't worry, I won't be home until at least 7 tonight."  Yeah, I told two strangers with access to my apartment building exactly how long I was going to be gone.  I never said I was smart, especially on Mondays.

I get so much more done at work after regular business hours.  This can either be attributed to the fact that the phones are quiet but it is more likely due to my coworkers and I yelling jokes over the cubicle walls at each other. Jokes inspire people, especially the off color ones!

I actually yelled "There's no crying at the office" at one of my coworkers today.

I have an ever growing collection of "Do Not Disturb" door hangers that people have brought me from their travels.  They are all currently turned to the "Do Not Disturb" side, though it doesn't seem to be working, because people are always in my cubicle.  Perhaps I should turn it to the "Please Make Up Room" to see if anyone will clean my cubicle.

If you are going to use the photocopiers at the office to make copies of sensitive documents, make sure you remove these from the copier (right Tyler Durden?)  Because there are people out there who aren't as kind as I am and instead of just putting the paper back in your cubicle, they may have scanned it and sent it to the entire office.

You know how I know it's fall?  I've switched from coffee to tea.  Lots and lots of tea.  Basically, I am trying to go for a world record in tea consumption.  

~ The Office Scribe

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Ed said...

Tea bags.

You're familiar with them.