Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday #36

In the midst of explaining to a co-worker that I have cut myself more while working in an office than I did during my entire 9+ year tenure as a butcher, I sliced open the back of my hand on a cardboard box. Hello karma!

My non-committal response of the day was a shrug

We just started using bubble wrap at the office for shipping.  It takes every ounce of strength that I have to not sit there and pop every sheet of bubble wrap at my desk.  I assume my co-workers appreciate my fortitude in abstaining from such an activity.

I had the song "Tik Tok" stuck in my head all day. I guess that what's I get for watching Music Video parodies on YouTube before I go to sleep.

Did you know "Vă rugăm să ajute, clientul meu se pierde în ţara dumneavoastră şi a devenit un vampir" is Romanian for "Please help, my client is lost in your country and has become a vampire"?  Because it does.

~ The Office Scribe


Nine Mile said...

I just know that that is going to get me out of a major jam one of these days.

Ed said...

Tik Tok stuck in your head must be HELL.

abendkleider said...

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