Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick Day Miranda Rights

As I sit down to right this blog post, which I came up with earlier in the day, it makes me giggle because of the phone call I just received.  I would go into more detail, but chances are, I would get yelled at for disclosing such sensetive information

So where was I, oh yeah, Sick Day Miranda Rights.  I stopped by a co-workers desk and saw that she wasn't there.  When I asked someone else where she was I was told "I don't know, out sick I think".

Which lead me to think that if you don't tell people why you are out sick, then we should have the  right to come to our own conclusions.  I mean, sure, you may be at home with a headache, but I would rather imagine that you came down with a severe case of cooties or are possibly carrying Rosemary's Baby.

Okay, I meant to put more thought into this post but seriously, it is 12:50 AM, I just got home from Pub Trivia (third place but won two Bulls tickets) and after that phone call I mentioned earlier, I just can't focus anymore.

Sorry, but this is what you are getting.

~ The Office Scribe


HAROLD said...

What if we had to bring in Doctor's Notes?

dadadadio said...

I see sick day Miranda Rights as having the ability to remain silent, take our day off, and not have to offer excuses about why we're out.

"I'm sick. I won't be in today." would be sufficient. The Bossman cannot ask what, where, when, why, or how many.

If these rights were observed my lame coworkers would not have to make up bizzare excuses that caused me to start a log. I'm up to 39 valid reasons for missing work.... including my cat lost it's tail.

It would be best to remain silent.