Friday, October 9, 2009

Fridays AKA Just Another Day Out Of The Office

Most people commonly work a 5 day work week.


But it seems that lately I haven't exactly been following this common pattern. Sure, I get paid to work 5 days a week, but that just really hasn't been happening lately. So what am I doing while everyone else is celebrating Casual Friday?

Friday, September 18 - Garage Sale
In order to actually make more money than I do I haul all my old and useless crap up to my mom's house for the bi-annual garage sale. Due to the fact that I don't have as much for sale and the lack of quality amongst the possesions I am willing to part with, I only make about $50.00. Do I save said money? No. I pormptly head the the Vintage Illinois Festival at Mathesson State Park and spend it all on wine.

Friday, September 25 - Meet Me In St. Louis
One of my good high school friends decided it was time to wed her longtime boyfriend in her adpotive town of St. Louis. So I take the day off to drive down and spend some time in the city, making a little vacation out of it because sadly, that is the most time out of the state I have had this year. And boy was it worth it. If you are ever in St. Louis check out a place called the City Museum. You won't get a solid education on the history of St. Louis, but you can get a beer and wonder how the place hasn't been shut down by a band of crazy lawyers suing over the dangerous nature of it. Oh, and it's awesome.

Friday, October 2 - The Sounds of Silence
On about Monday of this week I start to not feel so hot, but seeing as how I am the only person in the office in my position (my other half was off on her honeymoon) I chugged on. That was, until I woke up Friday morning and couldn't talk and felt like death. I guess that's why the powers that be gave us sick days so I e-mailed my boss (since I couldn't talk) and spend the day passed out on my couch under the influence of NyQuil and Sudafed. *Note - I still have a cough that won't quit. But I have been told it's sexy, like a person with three months to live.

Friday, October 9 - Code Blue
I am home for about 5 minutes yesterday when my mom calls me to inform me she is in the hospital for chest pains. Now, for anyone that knows me you know my father died of a heart attack about a year and a half ago, so of course I go into panic mode. She tells me they didn't find anything but I might want to come up. So I throw some clothes in a bag and am at the hospital in about 1.5 hours (which during rush hour means I was FLYING). As it turns out, the chest pains were the result of her acid reflux not liking the Lou Malnati's pizza. Not cool. So she is okay but since I had to bring her home from the hospital this morning there was no sense going into work.

Perhaps next week I will actually be in the office in a pair of jeans. I mean seriously, what else can keep me away?

On second thought, don't answer that.

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

Dude, when we lived in St. Louis we went to that museum too! Did you go on the 5 story slide that you have no way of knowing if there's anyone else on? It was so fun, and so dangerous all at the same time.

~ Corri

The Office Scribe said...

I didn't do a lot of the slides because of my fear of enclosed places and my fear of killing a 5 year old who is standing at the bottom.