Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Job Is Just Like 24

4:48 PM - Co-worker in the cubicle behind me receives text which indicates Michael Jackson has died.

4:49 PM - I, and a few other co-workers, jump onto various news websites trying to confirm what was stated in the text message.  One co-worker says he found a website that confirms it.  The only website I can find that says he has died is The Brisbane Times out of Australia.

4:50PM - Co-worker from other side of the wall runs over and asks if we heard about Michael Jackson and how he has died.  I inform co-worker that it can not be confirmed yet because no credible news source (i.e. MSNBC, FOX News, CNN) is running such a story.  All articles from this continent state that Mr. Jackson was found not breathing at his home and taken to a hospital in Los Angeles.

4:51 PM - Read somewhere that TMZ is confirming that he has died but I don't believe anything TMZ reports.  It's like believing that Perez Hilton didn't deserve that beat down from

4:52 PM - Decide to take action and call the best source for news I know - My mother.  She picks up on the third ring and I tell her the rumors and ask for verification.  She has no knowledge of such news and goes to turn on the TV.

4:53 PM - Third co-worker approaches desk and asks what is going on.  I inform her about the current status as I was waiting for the commercial break to end on the station my mom is watching.

4:54 PM - My mom tells me that Shephard Smith is reporting that Jackson was taken to an LA Hospital but they can not confirm that he has died.  Co-worker in cubicle next to me goes off to spread the news around the office.

4:55 PM - Still nothing on any of the websites.  My mom asks how much longer I will be at work.  I tell her approximately 8 minutes.  She tells me that if she hears anything she will call back.

4:56 PM - Co-worker from clear across the office appears in my cubicle and asks me if I heard about it.  I answer in the positive.  She says her brother called her and said the news of his death is all over TV.  I balk at this because I still have yet to find any information online.  She insists that her brother is a credible source and I should just go with it.

4:57 PM - Discuss with co-worker how celebrity deaths always happen in threes - in this case: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and now possibly, Michael Jackson.  I think this started with Richie Vallens, Buddy Holly, and the Big Bopper - perhaps when I get a chance I should research this.

4:58 PM - Still no news from my mother or the internet.  Start to doubt the rumors that he is dead.  Possibly trying to fake an illness to get out of the massive concert tour he has planned.

4:59 PM - Stand up and stretch.  Co-worker from the cubicle next to me returns and says someone else found a page confirming Jackson's death.  I start to get upset with myself because my internet research skills are usually impeccible.

5:00 PM - Time to leave.  I shut down my computer and bid everyone aduei and pray I can make it to my car quickly so I can listen to talk radio (yeah, I listen to talk radio) and see that the news is.

5:01 PM - Realize I left my cell phone on my kitchen table.  Bummer.

And as you know by now, Michael Jackson, an icon of my youth has passed away, most likely from some sort of heart attack.  It almost seems surreal.  Sure, he was most likely a pedophile who went absolutely crazy in the last 20 years or so, but the first thought I had was of singing "Beat It" with my dad in his old Volkswagen Rabbit.  Sure, I cracked a few jokes on Twitter and Facebook, but part of me is a little sad.  

But seriously, there is nothing like a celebrity death to rally the troops at work. 

~ The Office Scribe


Chris@Maugeritaville said...

I agree with you, this one is surreal. The last time I felt this way about a celebrideath was John Lennon.

But at the end of the day, as you said, we're talking about a guy with serious psychological problems who was most likely a child molester. Not exactly "vigil worthy" if you ask me.

And T-shirts? Please.

Leslie Elizabeth said...

great post! sad topic. i am very sad about the late great MJ. i want to rock out to his cd the entire weekend.

Candice said...

Great post.

I found out from my husband. He's the number one most credible source on dead folks. Trust me.

I just wrote a post about this very subject.

dadadadio said...

That 'not breathing' thing will get you every time. Why do people do that?

I will never besmirch MJ's talent but I'm not mourning the death of the world's most famous pederast.

My son is a UCLA sophomore in summer session. The house he lives in is adjacent to the med center. His bedroom faces the ER entrance. He blogged, "Micheal Jackson died 500 feet from my bedroom."

That's too close for this parent....even if he wasn't breathing.

The Office Scribe said...

I loved him when I was a kid but I am starting to get a little annoyed by all the media coverage. Seriously, I haven't watched the news since it happened because they won't talk about anything else.

Hell, I was at the NKOTB concert last night and they did a whole tribute thing.

But come on, the man died, probably from a hard life and drugs. Not a real shock for peeps in the limelight.

Though if Aliens were involved that would be awesome.