Friday, June 19, 2009

Dude. Your Boss Sucks.

It was quiet today at work.  Nothing too exciting happened.  Just did my 7.5 hours and decided to head home from some quality TV and the impending thunderstorm that was headed my way.  See, as mentioned in the umbrella post Chicago has seen its share of wet weather lately.  Actually, I was driving home I was waiting for my mom to come out of the basement* because the tornado sirens had told her to head for safety.

Well, as I was driving home I saw someone working at a job where is his boss must be the biggest dick in the world.  What as the job?


Holy hell good man!  There was a severe weather warning with lightning and crazy wind.  Trees were blowing around like a scene from "Twister".  If I had seen a cow go by my car I wouldn't have been surprised.

But there you were, behind the controls of your itty bitty plane, flying into the black with your ever so important banner reading "REAL ESTATE:  INVEST NOW!" with a phone number so small no one could read it.

I pray that you landed safely then choked your boss with the banner.  Because that dude deserved it.

~ The Office Scribe


drewsfishcam said...

I wonder if flying during a lightning storm qualifies for combat pay...

dadadadio said...

I tell my good friend the same thing......he's self employed.

Hey Randy, you want to grab a beer after work today?

Sorry, I have to work late.

I'm having a poker game Thursday. Are you in?

No, I have to get up early Friday and drive to San Diego for a client.

I have an extra ticket to a Cubs vs White Sox spring training game, you wanna go? We're talking beer and sunscreen in March.

I can't take a Friday off. I have appointments.

Randy, your boss is an asshole!

The Office Scribe said...

Drew - I think most jobs should have some sort of combat pay. Mine included.

Dadadadio - Yeah, I find that lots of people want the freedom of being self-employed and then end up working themselves to an early grave. It might be a pain to sometimes work for "the man" but at least the man lets you go home on Fridays.