Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Missing - My Key Card

Missing - One electronic key card which allows me to get into my office suite.  Last seen in my back pocket at the holiday party on Friday.

Possible locations include:
- Somewhere in the chaos that is my cubicle
- At the bar where we went after the party
- Still in the jeans I wore Friday
- My car
- My mom's house
- The inside of my rottweiler
- The wallet of someone who really wants to get into the office
- A local hospital
- One of the various purses I didn't carry in the past 4 days, but where stuff still seems to end up
- Narnia

I really hope it's in one of the above locations because I don't want to have to shell out $10 for a new one and suffer the looks of the people in HR, as this is the second one I have lost.

Reward - None.  If I was willing to pay money, I would just get a new card.

~ The Office Scribe


Gia said...

Hahha...sounds like *someone* had a wild time at the holiday party. :P

The Office Scribe said...

Well considering I found it about a week later on my desk in my apartment, I guess it wasn't a truly wild time!