Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday #46

Thank god the vending machine has Pop Tarts (frosted strawberry - my fav) since I have no food in my house.  But the strange looks I received from my coworkers while heating it weren't cool.  Come on people, who says it has to be heated in a toaster and not in a microwave?  Maybe I like my fruit filing to be scalding!

I don't care if I am in the office for half a day tomorrow - I put my out of office on my phone and e-mail today. Protocol be damned!

It was snowing when I left for work this morning.  Sometime throughout the day it turned to rain. When this happens in Chicago, it means the roads become skating rinks?  Need an example?  I saw a Yukon do a 180 spin while going down the ramp of the parking deck. Thank god it didn't hit anyone because, you know, I was tired and really wanted to get home.  Oh yeah, and because car accidents are um, bad.

At the register, with a line of people behind you, is not the time nor place to argue about how the ugly blue eye shadow you are buying should be 10 cents less.  You don't want your obituary to read how an angry mob beat you down with gallons of milk and road salt bags because you have poor taste in make up and are cheap.

If anyone in my office ever decides to go postal, I am putting big money on it being a printer related rampage.

Thanks to everyone who stayed home today and made my commute decent. I'll return the favor by going on a business trip out of the country for the next week. Yayyyyyy!

P.S. - Stop talking about the Bears/Packers playoff game.  Why?  Because something tells me I won't be able to get the game in the middle of the night in Israel.  Boo.

~ The Office Scribe

*** Hopefully I'll be able to tweet or post during my travels because I know you guys would miss my random words of wisdom if you didn't hear from me for a whole week.


Ed said...

Have a safe trip.

Lis said...

I agree with your printer comment. I hate that damn thing!