Friday, June 11, 2010

This Week Was So Rough It Was Like...

... Drying off after a shower with sand paper.

... Trying to sneak a box of wine through airport security.

... Being a Flyers fan.

... Trying to get Lady GaGa to shop at the Gap.

... Riding bareback on a stegosaurus.

... Finding toilet paper in a Port-O-Potty at a summer festival.

... Force feeding a Big Mac to the president of PETA

... Not saying "That's What She Said" when someone says "But it's better when it's hard" (referring to ice)

... Reading the book Trainspotting.

... Going down a Slip-N-Slide without water.

Ladies.  Gentlemen.  It was a rough week.

So do me a favor and raise a glass of whatever you want and say a little prayer that next week is better.

And by better, I mean I win the lottery.

~ The Office Scribe


Pat said...

Now THAT was a rough week. Love the imagery of riding a stegosaurus, or drying myself with sandpaper (although sometimes with my dried skin, that wouldn't be a bad idea!)

The silver lining on your week? Black Hawks Win the Stanley Cup! Yahoo!

Hope you have a better week!

Shannon said...

So you are saying it's tough to smuggle a box of wine through airport security. Shoot, better check my bags for Vegas then :) I plan on sporting a white wine on ice buzz for most of my vacay time. If you're nice I will share.