Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And You Thought Your Day Was Weird...

Yesterday, I threw one of these at a coworker over the cubicle wall:

Today, a different coworker threw one of these at me:

Okay, so it wasn't real. It was a little doll of one made out of sisal.

But still, it was a weird thing to see come flying over a cubicle wall and land in my lap.

Kudos to my coworker for the good aim though!

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

JERRY: A little less beady today.

GEORGE: Because I'm REFRESHED. I finally found a way to sleep in my office. Under the desk. I lie on my back. I tuck in the chair. I'm invisible.

JERRY: Sounds like a really cool fort.

Holly said...

A good use for flying screaming monkeys.

Cubical wars!

Pat said...

If I had my druthers, I rather chocolate, myself.

I learned a new word today: sisal. (Had to look it up.)